Everyone is Quitting YouTube! Should Beginning Creators GIVE UP?

Why are people announcing they are leaving YouTube? These are some of the biggest creators on YouTube. What’s happening?


3/1/20244 min read

Why are people announcing they are leaving YouTube? These are some of the biggest creators on YouTube. What’s happening?

After all my hard work and research on starting a YouTube channel, I finally created my channel. And now I find current videos that say they are quitting YouTube.

I’m so confused to see this. Is YouTube going under? I just started – am I doomed already?


Are they really quitting? I need to find out what is going on…

(Be right back… Many Hours Later…)

Okay, I’m back

Well, it is not really what it seems to be. It looks like only a few of the YouTube creators are actually quitting making YouTube videos.

Here is what I found that concerns me about these types of videos.

This creator has 1.26 million subscribers. Oh, wait a minute, he made two videos after the quitting video. And the very next video was him announcing a new video course. He usually has under 50,000 views but look at the quitting video views – 177,000!

This creator announced he is quitting with 1.46 million subscribers. Oh, wait – he is still making videos. I don’t know about you, but I am pretty happy for him.

This creator seems pretty naughty. He announced quitting and about ten videos later said he was pranking everyone! Yeah, that’s funny if you ask me. He now has more than forty videos he made since “quitting.”

Last, we have a sad creator because she is quitting. Oh wait – when you click on the video, she says that she was only fooling, she is not quitting. Look at her views of less than 40,000 but the quitting video had 90,000 views.

You know, this is pretty close to being Clickbait. To other creators’ credit, they have videos informing us that they are not quitting but are scaling back their channels.

This approach gives honest reasons for what is happening with the creators.

Some reasons for changing

Part of these decisions are due to YouTube changes. My opinion is the creators might be making less money now. People are not spending money as they used to. Maybe their instructional course sales have gone down.

What you will find out is that most of these big creators have teams that work with them. They're not just creating the videos by themselves like we beginners are doing.

Creator culture has changed

Some creators complain their channel is now a business and no fun anymore. They have become managers and bosses.

What is ironic to me is that many creators were preaching that to succeed you need to treat YouTube like a business. Now that they have done it themselves, they seem to be quitting.

They are now responsible for the script people, the editors, and other personnel they hire. Some admit they have to lay off some of the people they had in their teams.

Another contributing factor is that YouTube is changing, and it seems that shorts are a big thing right now. Are they worried about trying to keep up with the changes and they don't want to do shorts?

Gone forever?

Even if they leave YouTube, the channels will most likely still make money as new people will watch their older videos. They usually have other means of income as they have set up courses and digital products along with affiliate marketing

Here to stay

But the good news is that it looks like YouTube is here to stay.

For now, if you want to be a creator, you have to realize that everything changes in time and that includes YouTube. This is actually true for any type of media. Even writing for different platforms has changed over time.

For all of us, please don’t make “clickbait” or “borderline clickbait” videos that I illustrated here.

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